• About BlisterFilms

    Just who the hell are we?

    The beginning

    In the year 2009, a group of individuals met at summer camp. One of them happened to love filmmaking, and dragged his friends along. That group was henceforth known as The BlisterHood. Sensible parties, amusing inside jokes...you name it, we had it.

    What we are now

    The filmmaker wants to pursue this as a career. He wants to make his mark on this earth by creating films that inspire and change the world. Crazy right? To do it, he created a small company spawned from The Blisterhood known as BlisterFilms. We make short films at the moment, but are hopefully moving to full-length features in the future. Come along with us for this crazy ride.

    Origin of the name

    Some of you may be wondering, "why the hell would you name a film studio BlisterFilms." Good question, average person. At the camp in 2009, the filmmaker and a few of his friends were in a guitar class. Due to their being weak, their fingers would get blisters from pressing down on the strings. They would wear bandaids just to make playing bearable. Hence, the BlisterHood. The filmmaker couldn't resist calling the group this way, and the name has stuck ever since. To this day, we don't really know how to play guitar, but we make films and thats what matters.


    Every time we make a short, a new quote arises that we repeat until it's not funny anymore. Here are some of our favorites:


    "We need to get up the hype on this event!"

    -David Blouin (Macbeth: Duffy's finest hour)


    "We're being duped goddamn it!"

    -David Blouin (1984)


    *grunting and yelling

    -Everyone involved (Combat Boy)

  • Past projects

    Some of the short films we've worked on in the past.


    An adaptation of the dystopian thriller by George Orwell.

    Combat Boy

    A first-person video game-like action short where the hero must get his money back!

    Macbeth: Duffy's Finest Hour

    Our first film. An adaptation of William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

  • Upcoming projects

    Here's what we have to offer in the future. 

    Nothing at the moment.

    We'll keep you posted though.

  • Current members

    Our talented team featuring excellent artists.

    Raphael Cohen-Demers

    Company CEO/ Co-Founder - Director - Writer - Editor - Actor

    The filmmaker. Raphael is the current CEO and founder of BlisterFilms. He usually spends his time writing, shooting and editing BlisterShorts when he isn't busy drumming.

    Gregory Farias

    Company second-in-command - Actor - Technician

    The tiny ninja. Gregory, a wonderful multi-talented individual was one of the first members of BlisterFilms, and a good friend to Raphael. He has acted in three shorts: (Macbeth, Combat Boy, 1984).

    Leah Plante-Weiner

    Company Treasurer/ Co-Founder - Actress

    The little cauliflower. Leah, one of the original members of The Blisterhood, has not yet appeared in any Blisterfilms' short film, but she will be included (and starring) in future shorts.

    Ethan Shahin

    Musician - Actor

    The shade. Ethan has not only appeared in the first BlisterFilms short, but is also a talented musician.

    David Blouin


    The hyped one. David is not only a quirky, charismatic and lively actor who appeared in Macbeth and 1984, but also the newest addition to the BlisterFilms Team.

    Mr. / Mrs. Anybody

    This could be you!

    We're always looking for talented individuals to join the team.

  • Test films

    Stuff we made in our spare time. Promise you won't laugh.

    80's Basement

    Raphael had a bit of spare time, so he made this. Mostly a sound test.

    Going to North Korea

    A small teaser for something we might like to do.

    Two assassins

    A film we made entirely on iPad. Those were the iMovie days...

    A very stupid skit...

    With bloopers that are longer than the actual video.

  • Contact Us

    If you have an idea for a short, wanna be part of the team, or just wanna say how much we rock, drop a message down below.